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Our Founder

About the Founder

I am directly responsible for turning ideas into profitable finished products through creativity, assertive risk-taking and innovation. My mission is to connect people, brands and businesses through social events and carefully crafted target-marketing campaigns. I have over 20 years experience in developing music, event, entertainment and business properties.


Since 2008, I have been actively engaged in a collaborative partnership with various critical players to cultivate the social landscape of Downtown LA. I have generated over $1.5 million in direct revenue for Downtown LA businesses using my marketing strategies, network and in-house digital tools. My methods have proved to be successful and I look forward to expanding my DTLA footprint.


“I am musically inclined, socially connected, technologically enabled and creatively driven! When you need it done right…call a Specialist.”


SCETCH (The Specialist)
(Successfully Conquers Everything That Challenges Him)

Other projects that I’m involved with: