Bunker Hill Bar & Grill


“We’re a sports bar! You can’t get that many people to come to a sports bar for New Years Eve in less than 3 weeks. We’ll be surprised if you get 100 people to show up….” – GM (Bunker Hill)

That’s how our relationship started with Bunker Hill Bar & Grill, located in the financial district of Downtown LA, an area dominated by hi-rise corporate towers. It’s understandable that the GM would make that statement because their restaurant just opened a few months prior and that area of DTLA is normally desolate during the holiday season.


Our challenge was to get people to come to a venue they never heard of…on less than 3 weeks notice…during arguable the most competitive time of the year…New Years Eve 12/31/13. Our strategy was to create a reasonably priced “DTLA No Hassle New Years Eve” event targeting local residents, who were not able to make it home to visit their family and loved ones during the holidays. We targeted residential buildings and surrounding hotels to capture the visitors in town for the Rose Bowl. The ownership, GM and staff were pleasantly surprised when over 400 people showed up to the event and the venue hit capacity by 11:20pm. We turned away over 100 guests who came after midnight.


We followed up the following year with another successful New Years Eve event on 12/31/14. This time we took over happy hour, dinner reservations and a New Years Eve celebration. We sold out both the dinner reservations and NYE event tickets almost a week prior to the event. This time over 500 attended for happy hour, dinner and the NYE event where we hit capacity before 11:00pm. This was made possible because of our effective marketing systems and DTLA network. We look forward to continuing our tradition of introducing new venues and ringing in the New Year with our friends and colleagues in Downtown LA.



Bunker Hill Bar & Grill


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